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very noisy pitbull puppy

[SIZE=1]I have just got a pitbull (Scar), who is male and is 5 months old. He is very sweet and loves to play. However, when I leave my home to go out, he starts to cry and whine - very loud. Apparently, it disturbs the neighbours, as he does not seem to settle down. When I do return, he is thrilled that he statrs jumping on me but also wants to bite ... he tries to bite my jacket, my hand , anything he can get his mouth on. He is not neutered, but will be next month, as the vet says 6 months is the proper time to be neutered.
There is also one other issue, when I take him out for a walk or to play in the park, he wants to play tug o war with his leash, (the leash is nylon). At some times, he does it when we are crossing the street, which is very dangerous, he just turns his head and starts to bite the leash. I would like for him to stop, but he's to hyper and does not listen to me telling him stop or no.
Please help!!

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