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Hi there Canem and Josie,

First off stop scolding your dogs!! It does no good whatsoever because you are scolding them a long time after the bad behaviour has occured.

Dogs have very very short term memories. This means that by the time you scold them they have forgotten why they are being scolded.

You can scold a dog ONLY WHEN THE INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR IS ACTUALLY OCCURING. That way they learn to associate the bad behaviour with the scold.

If you already knew this...sorry for the drawn out explanation.

Ok now the problem,

I wouln`t give up work...we all have to work.

They may be doing this destructive for many reasons....
One of the reasons may be boredom. Try and get some chew toys or Kong toys in particular and fill them with treats. Chewing will often alleviate a dog`s boredom. Also music or tv on when no one is home may also help alleviate boredom.

and if it`s not boredom...then perhaps you may try to use a bad tasting spray on the mouldings. They sell repellents for dogs (even on this site) that will deter your dog from chewing in specific areas.

Perhaps a combination of these suggestions may help.

Hope that helps.

Binky 6
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