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Webboards can and should be like a community in itself. That's the only reason I stick around here.

I belong to another board, and have been there for almost 4 years now. I have been able to meet & get to know many of the other members.

Two weeks ago, Marinell, a fellow member surprised me with a visit. She and her husband drove up from Orlando. (their second time here)

She and many of the other members from all over, Canada included, secretly without my knowledge, took up a collection for me to go to a womens health center for my long overdue mammagram and other tests.
Most of you here know my story but for those who don't, here's the nutshell version. I was treated for breast cancer 3 & 1/2 years ago while unemployed..(insert evil vet here)..I still owe big bucks. I no longer have insurance, no health care what so ever. My medical expense's for the car accident was paid for by my auto insurance. I am 3 years overdue for my exam and last year during the hurricanes I found another lump which has grown alot since last year. I have been turned down for health care everywhere I inquired so I gave up. This is what my friends at this board did...collected the money, presented it to me with cards from all over.
So I better get to it! I wanted to post this 2 weeks ago but I have a problem seeing through the tears everytime I think about.
My friend and co-worker, Carol, is coming over shortly and we are both making the appointments, she had breast cancer on her left side 2 years ago and is in the same boat as I. Mine was on the right, we always joke that between the two of us, we have a full chest!
All kidding aside...webboards are a wonderful place if treated right.
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