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Originally Posted by sneakypete79
What type of algae eater do you have?
If it is a chinese algae eater or a common pleco, they grow much much too big for a 10g tank.
I've got no clue. I remember the pet store guy asking if I wanted one that grew really big and I said no. I'll attach a pic maybe you can tell me! One arrow points to the algae eater, the other to a baby platy. It's exactly the same color as my gravel, very well camoflauged! I looked yesterday and I think there are closer to 15-20 of them, there are so many! How big should they be before I move them? I'm giving the fish to my brother at the end of August. he has a huge heated tank full of friendly community fish (according to him), but maybe he's got something in there that will eat the babies My sister has a bunch of platies who only had one baby in 2 years, so I had no idea they bred so readily!
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