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Talking Hurray...I can grow veggies :)

My dogs and my gardens, two of my favourite things (icecream, good coffee...and a nice Merlot...aren't so bad either
Anyway, I harvested the first of what will be MANY cucumbers from what I saw last night. Only 4 plants...and probably 12 or more ready to eat cucs! My tomato plants are so heavy, that I'll be eating salsa all winter
And my flower gardens which were non-existent last year {picture 2 metre tall burr bushes, hay, and weeds I've never seen where the flowers are now growing} to beautiful blooms this to follow
And, my 5 year plan - at least for the gardens - a woven willow screen, (starting this week) a gazebo created from an obselete satellite dish (REALLY, check out Canadian Homes & Cottages!), a small rock garden (with rocks...not flowers) and a very large pond. All possible because we moved from the small city we lived 160 acres of rural bliss!
As for the 'farm' 5 year plan, - some Icelandic sheep, a draft horse or two, and probably a few chickens, and some Muscovy ducks (apparently, they LOVE mosquitoes)
Now...if only I could find a way to retire without losing my income
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