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Platy love grotto

I've got one male and two female platy's in a 10 gallon tank and just came back from a week long business trip to discover they've been having some fun and now I have about ten little baby platy's! Also, I noticed a tiny little snail a while back, and now there are many little snails also roaming around my tank (I guess they came off of some live plants I got, I never bought any snails ). I'm not sure what to do here, how can a 10 gallon tank support so many multiplying critters? There are many live plants and a structure of rocks I made which the baby platy's hide in so I don't think they will get eaten. How many platy's can a 10 gallon tank hold? I also have one algae eater (not that I need it with all these snails). What should I do with all these critters? Do I need to feed them a lot more now? Do pet stores buy fish off people? Anyone in Vancouver want some platy's? Also, can I expect most of the babies will survive or is the survival rate pretty low? Thanks for any tips!
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