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Talking Water Gardening!!!

Hello All!
I love gardening but haven't done so for a few years as we rent. Our property is extremely sandy so I haven't done much because, it seems the plants I like don't do so well in the sand and it's extremely hard to water them if need be (because of the sand and extremely poor water pressure)!!
So this year, I took a part time job at a Water Garden Center. I absolutely loved it!!!! And now I have a new hobby!!!
I bought a preformed pond and a foamy fountain and they are displayed on my deck! This is great for everyone and believe it or not, it's extremely low maintenance if done correctly!
If you don't have room for a pond OR don't have the money, you can have water containers displaying plants. They are simple to create and just beautiful to look at!!
I'll post pics of my little oasis on Monday! It's almost complete- I need a few more rocks for my fountain and one large papyrus!!So to all you gardeners out there...............ya gotta try water gardening! I highly recommend it!!
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