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Besides, had you forced yourself to go in, he may have sensed your anxiousness and nervousness and it would have been worse.
Poor boy was shaking when we pulled in the parking lot! He got worse when we took him in the exam room! He knew what was going to happen( i think!)
And yes Shannon, Copper got tonnes of kisses and one from you!

don't forget to feed him plain yogurt every day if he's on antibiotics.
Thanks for the tip Luba!! I ususally give the dogs yogurt in their kongs so there's less pb in there!! But they don't get it everyday. How much yogurt should they have in a week??
He's not on clavamox - i forget the name Apo - Sulfate something??? MAybe?? Can't remember! The bottle is at home! Isn't Clavamox used for anxiety?? I could be way off ! lol

Thanks so much for everyone's support! It really helps me reading everyone's words of encouragement and advice as we all feel the same way about our pets and some people just don't understand! Thank-you all!!!
Never mind the dogs, beware of the owner!!!
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