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Originally Posted by shannon1233
Can we get a kisses smilie?
Perfect idea!!! I second that!!

Thanks Shannon123!!

Well we are done at the vet. I knew it was going to cause him alot of pain so I opted to wait in the waiting room. I couldn't bear to be in there with Copper even though I know I should have been there to comfort him after the big nasty pull!!
I told the vet(not my regular vet :sad: ) and the tech what Copper likes and does not like. He is much calmer on top of the exam table than on the floor -especially when it comes to getting his nails done! I told them to muzzle him if they want because he will freak out when it comes to that sore nail.
So i waited nervously and next thing I knew I heard a snap-and-growl! I started getting teary eyed right away and was worried about what was happening. A minute later, the tech brought Copper out to me. I asked her if everyone was ok, as it must have scared them too! She didn't have much to say! So now he's got a weeks worth of antibiotics and should be fine! I hope!!!!
I really hope this didn't traumatize him too badly! And I wonder how he would have been if it was our regular vet - Karla?? He loves her!!
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