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Originally Posted by Prin
Jemma breaks her nails every winter. She has really soft nails and runs very hard on them... It usually takes about 2 months for it to grow back to normal. She licks it like mad too. Her feet are almost always red and chewed because of her uncontrollable allergies anyway, so I never noticed a difference in the redness...
Hey Prin,
Do Jemma's nails break off right up at the paw?? Is the quick still there when the nail is gone??

Dog Dancer, Oh dear God I hope his nail grows back!!! Amputating his toe nail is what I was really afraid of!! Thanks for letting me know your experience with this! Copper's nails split at the sides occasionally, when they are too long - but no big deal.

Luba - Thanks for the info!! Unfortunately, when it comes to Copper's paws -he doesn't like me touching them - at all!!!! So, we may be making a few trips to the vet!

What happened was we have a camping trailer, and Copper went in it. We think he got his nail caught on the step(step has little round holes on it) and that's when he broke it. He went to the vet and they said no worries. I thought it was much worse than it really looked but they told me otherwise! I asked if the nail would fall off and she said she didn't think it would. I am supposed to bring him in every 3 weeks for a trim until it is healed. And now look what happened!!!!!! I thought they would have pulled it out the first time we were there!!
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