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Ok, I looked at the roots and some of them are green and some are pale green and a couple are almost white. Should I take it out of the bark and cut off the white roots? I have no idea what kind of an orchid - it has (had) purple flowers if that helps - as I said, I am totally inept when it comes to houseplants! The blooms each started to curl in on themselves, and then dropped off, didn't see any bugs. I see that the end of the stem is now drying up - should I cut off the dead part there too? I had been watering it once a week, and putting the water in the bowl so it had been sitting in water most of the time. Adm. Asst's day was in late April, so actually I've kept the thing alive for quite a while - even though it only has one flower left. I did water it thoroughly yesterday and let it drain in the sink. I also put it back in the kitchen window where it'll get the most light and heat. As far as the temp difference every day - it's been 85 during the day and 50 at night, so I hope that helps it. Should I put it outside for a few days and see if that helps it?
Thanks and sorry it took me a couple of days to come back to this - I was taking care of Parker after his neuter.
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