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I had an inguana named Spencer when I was younger. I had him from when he was a baby (maybe around 6 months) for two years... and he was HUGE for his age. I LOVED him... he would lay with my poodle and ride her back around the house. I have the pics... I need to scan them and I will show you! He was like a scaly green dog. You are bringing me back!!! I would love to get another one some day.

He died very young... I've always felt horrible about it. I was SO depressed for months, maybe even years when he died. I still get tears when I think about him...that may be stupid to some, but I really loved him. Sorry but this is gonna be long.

I saved all of my confirmation and birthday money and bought him a custom made glass house! It cost a couple of thousand dollars, and it was all the money I had as a kid- but I saved just for that and my parents knew it. So they let me buy it. It was six feet high, about 6 feet wide and 3 feet deep. It had levels, rooms etc... and best of all a waterfall with a rocky river running through. I put a hammock up for him and the chimney led to the roof where he could come out on his own if I wanted to leave it open. I even bought the BEST filter my money could buy for the river. The "specialists" told me I would have to clean it out every couple of months as it was for a big fish tank and I was using it for a simple river.

One day I went to take him out, and he jumped off the hammock to greet me, but his toe got caught and he tumbled into the river, scraping his stomach badly on the rocks. I brought him to the vet and got a topical solution. Over the course of a week he wouldn't eat, we had blood tests, I had needles to inject him with medicine and everything. I had to force feed him and he was withering away fast. I contacted everyone for advice... even the Zoos, I got in touch with the zookeeper from the San Diego Zoo and he told me that filter should be cleaned about 2 times a week!! I was so upset... he had gotten an infection from the water! By that time it was too late as I found him dead the following morning. My poodle sat by his house for days howling on and off... she was sad too- I'll never forget it.
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