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they like warm days, indirect sun, and cool nights. My sister puts hers under her umbrella outside on the porch in the day, and in her AC super cool basement in the night. They need a temp difference of at least 10-20 degrees (F) to grow well. They don't need a lot of water, and probably once a week is too much. They need to fully dry out between waterings. Many people in the south put theres in trees either hanging in baskets or between branches. NEVER repot into soil, they need air around their roots. Only bark. Can you see thick green roots? If they are brown or pale they are rotting. Try removing a little of the bark and tell me what colour the roots are. Most Orchids are blooming when bought, and then need to be repotted after they are done flowering.

When was admin asst's day? Flowers usually last a few months. What exactly is happening to the buds? Did you look closely at them? Where they any bugs on them? THere are these small tiny bugs called spider mites which infest houseplants EASILY which will cause bud drop.

Orchids also like humidity. Inside with AC will not be good for them at all. They should be outside in a shady/partial shade spot. Make sure they don't get stuck in the rain. nights outside are ok. The temp change is also needed for them to bloom again, but they won't do that again until next year, so you can probably leave it outside until Mid september. Do you have a covered porch area maybe where you could put it so it doesn't get rained on, but is out in indirect light in the heat outside?

And because they like humidity, they love to be misted. The buds could have droped if the plant was too dry. Try getting a water bottle and misting it daily.

What kind of orchid is it?
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