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Our adult mastiff mix drops HUGE farts as soon as we get near the vets office. That's his way of showing fear. Once we're inside the exam room, he stands with his head right against the door, it's almost like he's saying, "can we go? Can we go NOW? What about NOW?"

It sounds to me like your vet isn't willing or able to work with the dog. Tell him thanks but no thanks, and find another vet.

Ours has spent HOURS just trying to coax Bear in the door, and spends quite a bit of time with him before she does anything to him. Kaos doesn't care, but then again, he's only 5 months old.

If you're comfortable with it and you want to give your city out, a lot of board members are spread out across Ontario and may be able to help you locate a vet.
Whatever you a good one.
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