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I've never had a pom so i don't know what their temperment is like. the cage our ferrets sleep in is 4 foot by 5.5 foot ( we have 3 ferrets) and during the day they have a whole bedroom to themselves. they are somewhat easily trained but like anything they need time to learn. I've said in my earlier posts they have a unique smell. they are litter trained and eat pellet like food that's fairly expensive $45.00 CDN for about 2 kgs. they need special litter, they should not have cat litter, they get "colds" and can die from them. they are also prone to cancers and adreanal (sp) disease. we've gotten all of our ferrets from people who didn't want then when they started nipping and acting up. They aren't for everyone though, ours are really socal and love being around people, because we took the time teaching them not to be rough and nippy. a friend of mine had a ferret that would attack anything that moved and it would draw blood when it bit. they ended up putting it to sleep because it bit her son. Like any pet thought research well before hand.
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