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I suspect that this is a case of "stuff happens" ... you know the stuff I mean . I've been volunteering at the above noted SPCA for a while and can tell you that they make every effort to determine the origins of the dogs that are picked up. However, in this case it appears as though something slipped.

This SPCA does not kill for space and as a result, are often jammed packed with dogs and cats. In the past 3 weeks they have been filled beyond capacity (many of the dogs available for adoption are in kennels at the back of the building as they have no room on the adoption floor). As well, they have more kittens / cats than they have space for. They operate with a daily staff of about 3, not including volunteers, who do all the day to day work (feeding, cleaning, walking, medicine, coordinating S/N, etc), so it is quite easy for something to be missed.

That said, after this incident I am certain that they will be reviewing their procedures in the hopes that this will not happen again.
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