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Never say never with flash . . .

I like using flash occasionally on bright sunny days, believe it or not, to fill in shadows when the sun is behind the subject . . . . . thereby creating the effect of light from both behind and ahead.

Backlighting from the sun, front lighting with the flash. It can create an ethereal glow around your subject.

EDIT: I changed this to a more recent picture, flash during the day with the sun behind the subject, light coming from two directions. Without flash in this picture, Abby's face would be in dark shadow.

Other things:

Freeze a subject while having the background in motion, called "panning."

The further you are away from the subject you are panning, the less blur as the arc of the camera motion is less noticeable as in this example of Keeper:

Or have the foreground in motion, with the background stationary, like this picture of an English town passing through the trees, taken from a train last month while I was in England.

Have your picture suggest a story . . . Keeper in the forest looking down into a vast valley. This is an actual picture altered by photoshop to look like a painting but the principle is there

Use lighting to create interest, my wife Carol walking across Millennium Bridge towards St. Paul's Cathedral.

And don't be shy about catching people in unusual situations, a Monty Python In Search Of the Holy Grail celebrator with shrubbery on his face in Russell Square in London.:

Below, an example of silhouetting against the sun for effect. One light source from behind the object but you don't use the flash. And you let your camera get its light reading from the sun, therefore making the dog darker and bringing out the frost on the window.

And, as noted above, get a digital so you can take thousands, allowing you to discard all but hundreds. . . . .

Just a few things.

Rick C

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