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Thanks, here's what worked!

Just wanted to update everyone on my kitties progress! We took them in for a vet check-up yesterday and Smoke had gained 5oz, Mirrors gained 3oz! So, after 10 days, they are doing much better!

I let them try a little tuna in rice and they gobbled that right up, but had diarrhea within a few hours. I also tried a little plain chicken and rice, they vomited that up within 30 minutes of eating it. As recommended by their vet, I only let them lick icecubes for 24 hours till their little systems cleared.

The following day, I mixed a small portion of dry science diet kitten food with some soft canned science diet kitten food. I put them in front of it and dabbed a little on their noses. Each day after that, I mixed in a little more dry and a little less moist and now, they are eating all dry science diet.

Finally, We have healthy active kitties again! Thanks again for all the help and advice.

Smoke and Mirrors thank you also!
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