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Have a safe night


I hope you all have a safe and spooooky Halloween! I am looking forward to giving out sugar to all the spooks and ghouls and sending them back to their Mom's and Dad's! Hehehehe!

I printed out some templates and will have some very cool pumpkin designs this year. Yesterday a friend and I carved 16 pumpkins. The normal witches and cats and monsters, but we also did a few character pumpkins....Dr. Evil (Austin Powers), Scooby Do, and Oscar The Grouch. (Oscar always gets oohs and ahs from the little ones )

I don't usually dress up myself. I normally just get all the candy in a BIG bowl, make myself a hot cup of tea, and stand on my stoop for 2 hours, admiring,joking,laughing, and if I'm lucky enough, to meet a new neighbor. all the better!
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