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I have a horse too...

I have a 15 year old thoroughbred/hanoverian mare (reg. CSH) out of the hanoverian RCMP stallion "Laskan". Her name is Sunny and she is an ex-show/jumping horse...only "ex" because I'm not interested in doing much more then trail riding. When she was with her old owners she tore her tendon sheath. She was rested for a year and then was cleared to resume showing/jumping but the owner wanted to switch to cross country and the vet didn't think her leg would hold up for that. They put her up for sale but the Mother of the owner seemed to talk everyone out of her, saying she wasn't for beginners or was hard to handle, etc. Finally they decided that they would rather just give her away to a home that wouldn't just turn around and sell her in a couple years (and yes, I know that could backfire in many cases especially with such a valuable animal but it worked out this time). So, my friend and I decided to co-own her and split costs. Sunny has been a dream - I'm not exactly a beginner but I'm not a seasoned rider either and she has been great. She's a very sweet girl and loves to be groomed. She may be bred to an excellent quality thoroughbred stallion in the future, for CSH baby.

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