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Talking nice!

Jack sure is handsome! Hopefully you are a good owner (and I am sure you are!)- when I was 6 I was attacked by a german shepard. I blame the owner, not the dog! I was riding my bike down the road and suddently there were jaws on my leg! He pulled me off my bike - luckily my Mom was behind me and got the dog off, but not before he inflicted permanant scars - we looked over and the owners were in their yard, laughing! ! ! Luckily this didn't affect my feelings toward dogs - I love them all! It's the bad owners that are a problem! This was 30 years ago - and the memory is still vivid! Enjoy Jack - I'm sure he is a wonderful and well behaved dog!
p.s. this is partly why I have my LITTLE guy....... ha ha!
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