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Well Go to and go into the
beginners section and ask. Of 8000 members Im sure they will be able
to tell you they agree with me. That is where I got most of my information.
I have kept fish in small bowls, and they are fine, ONLY if 100 of the water is changed every few days.
Yes, You use water conditioner. That is what it is for.
Yes, you use a thermometer to get the temperature right, otherwise
you will shock your fish. Its not hard to do, and your fish will be
happier for it and healthier.
Also: Goldfish do NOT belong in a small bowl. 1 goldfish requires 55G of space.
No 12 inch fish should be in less than 55 gallons.
All you are allowing by not cleaning the tiny bowl is waste to accumulate
on the bottom of the glass and bad bacteria to form.
Run your finger along the bottom of your fish bowl and see what you feel.
If you dont like it, I doubt your fish do either.
I have successfully raised Angelfish fry, guppy fry, and platy fry all in 5g tank with 100% water changes every week.
What do I have? Healthy, happy fish, who grow fast and dont get stunted.
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