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Go ahead and add on another Coonhound owner on that list. I pick up my beautiful redbone pup on July 11th and I honestly can't wait. As for the training, I've heard its pretty tough, mostly because they get distracted quite easily. I would think giving him a job might help out a bit since it would put her in more of a 'natural' state.

As for your dog being a purebread; From what I've seen from B&T's, I would guess he has a mix of Possibly redbone or even lab (Short ears on him). The black coat makes me think Redbone as that was a trait that MOST redbones had in the past, but breeders have since eliminated it through selective breeding. In your defense though, I have heard that coonhounds are quite notorious for being different from the breed standard. I think part of the reason it took so long for the AKC to recognize them is becuase there are purebred coonhounds which can look nothing like they are 'supposed' to.

Whatever he is, he looks like a keeper!

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