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I do beg to differ. I have just done a search of the www using Google, for the exact phrase "aquarium amount water change recommendations", and I have not found a site that recommends a complete water change. Most people do not keep labyrinth fish in an unaerated tank, let along one without substrate.

I know of one person, who keeps her goldfish in a typical goldfish bowl, without substrate or heater, but she's the only one, in my 20+ years of keeping fish. When a tank is set up, one fish is generally added to produce a viable "good" bacteria colony. If proper water changes are done, at least 25% each week, by using a syphon to sift the substrate, then the amount of harmful bacteria is reduced to a tolerable level. Should water changes not occur on a routine schedule, then a maximum 75% water change, to reduce the amount of stress on the fish.

If you're specifically talking about a goldfish tank of mini proportions (less than 5 gallons), then yes, a complete, 100%, water change can be done, and probably should be done. Goldfish are more apt to handle the temperature change of a complete water change than any other type of fish.

I do think, in this instance, that Beaglemom is correct regarding water changes.
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