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I didn't say lab mix myself, I have difficulty identfying what are in mixed breed dogs. i can name alot of breeds, but when it comes to whats in a mix, its hard.
I didn't say he for sure was a mix, I said possibly, as he seems quite light colored to be a black and tan coonhound. You must admit look at your own pictures, he IS quite light colored for the breed.

It is rare to find a pure bred dog on this website, as most the people here are rescuers, who take in mixes from pounds all thet ime. The other thing, already mentioned, is that we have heard of ppl being told their animal is pure, and it turns out not to be pure.
Many on this website will state that any dogs that come from a reputable breeder, the breeder will register the dog before relasing to the new owner. The fact that he has not been registered, sets off alarms that he might not be pure.

Its not important if he is pure or not, you love him, and he is beautiful.
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