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Hes parents are both registered. I dont care about papers for Rocky, but I see that registering would be a good idea to silence the "non believers". .
He was not sold as pure bred, in fact he was not sold at all. I have lost familys best friend of 13 years, Colie Shepard named Atos to natural causes. He was a perfect dog. I got cooner as a gift to fill Atos's shoes.
Ill check it all soon, and let you know.
I also dont understand all the obsesion with mixes here. Is his brighter coat really make him less of a b&t cooner and a that much mixed possible.
I'm sorry if I sounded pure bred crazy myself but thats not the case.
I know that cooners are rare and "undiscovered" as family pets and just wanna see if any one here ownes one. You know to exchange few pointers and stuff.
why Lab anyway? Heard about Redbone Cooners. They would be better pick.
As puppy he was darker but changed since.
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