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Very nice cooner you have there.
I'm quite surprised that your dog barks that much. I read, heard and experienced that coonhound are ruther quiet. When they do bark-thats another story. My neighbour was calling my puppy "Monster" based on voice.
I cant get Rocky (my cooner) to bark without a treat now. He barks only when threatened or after treeing one of neibourhoods squarrels or cats.( I have him on the leash and he got no chance at all to get them btw).
One thing he used to do that was a bit noisy was this trademark "Scooby Doo" houl aaa-uuuuuu-UUUUUUUU-uuuuuuu-UUUUUUUUU-uuuuu hehe, when someone left the house. Learn to stop on his own.
Never had a real problem with pulling too. Exept:
when small animals run . You must face it. Coonhound is the master hunter. And its in his blood. I deal with that by telling Rocky to Stop as soon as he lays his eyes on the target. But once a while he gets to chase a bit purely for exercize. If not for my endless patience , I would do pulling most of times. I mean, the beast will not walk by a tree without sniffing and marking it.
I got my Black & Tan Cooner when he was 3 months old. Now hes 11 months. It was an adventure at times but its all considered good times now.
Coonhound are great all around. But their hunting spirit must be always considered when outside.

Attached is my Black & Tan Coonhound Rocky.
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