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Yep, that's a German Shepherd!

Jack says thanks for your compliment!

Alot of the GSD's that you see now are indeed sloped. These are mostly from Canadian/American lines. This is the way the CKC and AKC and many others have set their standard for that breed. Mainly the breeders that breed for showing have the more pronounced sloping dogs. Some are so sloped their butt is 3 inches off the ground, and their hocks are scraping along the ground. And that is because of intense line-breeding. Those breeders should be ashamed of the way they've messed up!!!!

What I was used to seeing as a child were the more stockier straight back types. And those were mostly from German lines and Shiloh lines. And that's what I have now. A GSD from German lines.

Here's a link to some photos of the GSD then, and now.

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