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Deaf Cat Need Rehoming ASAP!

Meet Casper. He was one of our rescues and was adopted out a couple of months ago to a wonderful young woman who is heartbroken at having to give him up. Reason: Casper is deaf and meows VERY loudly. She is in an apartment and the neighbors have been complaining. The landlord has now given her notice that the cat is a "nuisance" (this is legal according to the rental board) and she has to find a new home for him ASAP.

Casper is a gorgeous white male (neutered) with a plume for a tail. He is wonderful with people but not with other cats. He is in excellent health other than the fact that he is deaf. He will need a home where (a) he cannot go outside (for obvious reasons, as he can't hear if a car of coming), and (b) where his loud meowing won't disturb anyone.

I know this is a tall order, but we have to do something fast. Our adoption contract stipulates that a cat must be returned to us if the owner can't keep it for any reason. However, we no longer have our shelter and my volunteers are already max'd out fostering the cats we had left.

Please help!
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