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Originally Posted by ANBshilling
I'm sorry if this is a silly question, but how do you keep it from falling out? I gave my pup the kong i made yesterday (pb lined along the inside with the pb cookie broken up stuck to it) and when I got home it was licked clean pretty much. I wonder how long it lasted!?! Anyway, I couldn't imagine filling the whole thing up, it seems like so much food, but you probably kinda have to to have stuff really stick in there right? How much pb is too much a day for a 20lb 6mt pup? I'd like to give him a pb one everyother day as long as it won't mess his belly up or make him get too fat.
Treats falling out isn't a big problem (unless you don't want them to fall out). On occassion I'll put in some random sized treats (cheerios up to half cookies). The odd sizes help to block of the hole requiring the dog to nudge the kong along until a treat falls out. Putting the PB under the rim of the hole (will have to use your finger or a small knife / spoon) can present a nice challenge as your dog will have to work at getting his tounge twisted around the lip of the hole.

There are other products that you can get to mix things up a bit so your pup won't get bored with the kong, such as hollowed marrow bones (or the synthetic marrow bones). Jam a treat into the center of the bone and your dog can kill an hour trying to lick it out - just make sure that the lenght of the bone is twice the length of the tounge. It drives one of mine crazy.
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