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Yes, in a bowl it is different.
The water is uncirculated and unfiltered, and therefore
will grow stagnant and grow aeromonas bacteria, which can cause
ordinary healthy fish to die- espescially young fish.
Young fish need constant new water to grow healthy and strong.
Not changing the water enough, and not enough room can
cause serious growth defects in young fry.
Is it possible you could get a better picture?
If you have a digital camera, turn on the macro mode
(usually a button with a picture of a rose bud or tulip on it),
and take a pic with flash and one without.
if they are black fish, put the container on a white surface before shooting
the picture.
I do understand that kids bring stuff home, but I got the impression
that you were there when he took them? Perhaps not.
If they are Mollies, they will require at least a 15G tank, as mollies grow
to 3 inches and produce a ton of waste, and a ton of babies!
I didnt mean to sound harsh or anything, my apologies if it came off
that way. Darned internet without tone Lol
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