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Dogs & Bones - Answered by C. Robinson


As a general rule don't give any bones to your dog to eat. When a dog breaks a bone especially the brittle or soft bones (chicken, steak, spareribs) they may break forming splinters. This can harm you dog’s digestive system and even perforate its stomach. Bones are very indigestible and have little nutritional value for your dog.

If you really want to offer a bone for your dog to chew on and not EAT, offer him a bone that is bigger than its jaw, a bone that is impossible to break or swallow. Such a bone would be a joint from the cow's knee or shoulder that you can get at the butcher's. Boil the bone and then oven dry it at 200
degrees F for 20 minutes.

You can keep this bone for the life of your dog! (wink)

Chantale Robinson AHT.Bs
Holistic and Alternative
1895 Salaberry
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