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Getting my cat back to her regular food

For those of you have been following another thread about my cat, Maya...she had a funny reaction after her rabies vaccine (still don't know what it was) and didn't eat for sometime. She finally ate some canned food, and for the last week or so she's been mostly eating the Hill's A/D prescription canned food, since it's high calorie and high nutrition. She appears to have gotten her energy back, but now I have a new problem: I can't get her to eat her regular food.

I tried crunching some of her regular food (both she and Chaco eat Hill's Science Diet - Adult) and mixing it into part of the canned food today but she didn't touch that part.

Those of you have had experience "weaning" a cat from canned food back to their regular food, I'd love to hear your suggestions. It wouldn't be a problem...I don't care about the cost...but I have two cats and Chaco is a little chubbo. The last thing she needs is anything high-calorie, so right now I have to separate them during the day and whenever Maya eats. It's tough on both girls and their mommy <g> too.

Thanks for your ideas!

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