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I want Rick's camera!! Right now, I don't have any digi cam, I'm waiting to have enough money to buy one with normal lenses.

I have a Canon Elan 7, the offspring of the old EOS 10 (it died about 4 years ago after about 13 years of faithful service)... My EOS took 10 pic/sec and this one only does 4. I used to take tons of snowboarding shots, so I needed the action feature. Still good with doggies... (I didn't opt for the "E" version that focuses wherever you look... Too much gadgetry for me. )

I have a Sigma 28-200, f3.5-5.6 lens. It's on its last legs too (my shots tend to be underexposed and a bit blurry) and it's unnecessarily huge and heavy. One day I'll by a Canon lens... A good one.
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