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Bad Gas, Pups eat everything

I keep my 2 6 month old pups on a fairly strick diet of dry IAms food , dry Iams bisquits , and the occassional green dental bone. Unfortantely they also eat, wood, rocks , plastic and anything else they find in the yard or in the house , that they can fit in into their mouth when im not looking.

The male is especially bad, he gulps down everything and barely chews.

They both have bad gas, but its the male that has big problems pooping.

I know free feeding isnt prefered , but my vet said that if they dont over eat and are not over weight i can free feed them. So we do.

I do this because, they tend to need alittle more energy through out the day then most pups i know. They have a huge back yard to play in and each other to play with and rarely rest from morning to midnight. Occassionaly they take a nap to recharge then they are off again.

My question is , given their life styles, and my strick ways in feeding , can someone suggest a solution to the males constipation? I dont want to force it out, but i can tell it bugs him sometimes and i thought he might welcome alittle help.

If anyone has a solution to stopping them from eatting rocks, wood and plastic id appreciate some help there too. I dont let them , but the little devils run away when i go to take it from them , and quickly swallow it up before i can take it away.

Thanks , im new btw.
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