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We are horse lovers! We have 4 - Morgan, Paso Fino, Overo Paint & Rky. Mtn Horse.
In fact our dog training methods are based on 20 years of Horse Whisperer training. You should look up Pat & Linda Parreli (google them) and see how things have changed since you were young. The Natural Horsemanship methods of training are wonderful and so enlightening.
Welcome back to the horsey world! You must be so excited. Make sure you do your homework again - it's been a while since you had a horse and there might be some things you aren't thinking of if you haven't cared for a horse as an adult. I don't want to assume that you know everything just in case something important gets missed. I am sure you know colic can be easily caused. For instance - you can't just let them loose on green pastures if the horse hasn't been acclimated to them. Also consider getting a rescue companion for your horse - horses shouldn't be alone.
Creosote is toxic so be careful and pressure treated posts/rails have arsenic in them so be very careful.
I envy your excitement and good luck.
Love Them & Lead Them,
~Elizabeth & Doug
Dog Training the Way Nature Intended

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