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*Groan!!* I am soooo jealous! I absolutely LOVE horses. But I've only ever been able to rent them by the hour. :sad: I used to go to a place in St. Lazare every week-end, they got to know me well enough that they'd let me take a horse out on my own for 2 hours at a time - meaning there was no guide and I wasn't riding nose-to-tail with 15 other people. I used to request the same horse each time, and I'd always bring him carrots, so it got to the point that he'd whinny when I came into the barn. :love: That was as close as I ever came to having my own horse. That's my 6/49 dream, though. Win enough money to get that house with acres and acres of forest, we'd build a barn & paddock, and then run trails through the acres and acres of woods that we'd take turns using (me & my sister on the horses, the boys on their dirt bikes). *sigh!!* How much is the Super 7 worth tonight??
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