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Are her wings clipped? They are much easier to train when they are clipped, as they feel they need your arm as a perch. And I would suggest trying with your arm first, rather than your hand, because it is more like a perch to them, and it seems to make them feel more stable. You can train her to step onto your hand once she is comfortable with your arm.
Make sure her cage is kept at a level that is lower than you when you are standing. Birds have a "pecking order", and feel superior when they are higher than you. This will come across as a "I don't have to do what you're asking me to do" attitude.
Does she ever come out of her cage? I would entice her out of her cage (let her stand on top of it, or climb around on it), and then close the door. Let her hang out on the outside of it for a little while. Then approach her slowly, with your hands behind her back. Just stand there and talk to her in a soothing voice for quite a while. Eventually, slowly approach her with your arm at the level of her feet. Bring it right to her feet, and rest it there with it gently touching her. If she doesn't step up voluntarily, move your arm in a little further, putting soft pressure on her legs, so she will have to step up or move.
This may take some repetition.
When she does eventually step up- continue talking to her in the soothing tones. Don't walk or move around. Just chat with her for a while, open the door, and let her get back inside her cage. THEN give her a treat. Leave the door open for a little while longer, and eventually close it.

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