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I posted this on another thread - but now this truly has a home!
Everyone post your best tips and tricks to getting that puuuuurrrrrrrfect pet photo!


here are mine. . .

1. Get a digital camera, and Take lots of pictures, eventually one comes out good.

2. Try not to use the flash, animals will sit with you longer if there isn't the lights going off in their faces, same rings true for people! This also doesn't 'wash out' the fur of the animal.

PICTURE 1: With Flash (They look washed out)

PICTURE 2: NO FLASH (Nice rich colours, more details)

3. For pictures where you want the background or surrounding to help with the 'picture story' follow the Rule of Thirds: Divide your picture into 9 segments (3 across, 3 down) If you can get your pet into the segments it allows for intrest around your subject

4. Get down to their level or Use extreme levels (Like high or low) Shooting them straight on from 'people' levels doesn't always do them justice. .

5. Rattle a toy in the direction you want them to look for portrait photographs.

6.Keep you camera handy for that spontaneous moment.

7. Sleepy or Tired animals are easier to photography and/or pose This is ideal for 'head shots' and portraits

8. Use the Zoom! By zooming into the desired picture you can get those great face shots without ticking your pet off! haha

9. Photoshop is your friend Digital pictures can be darkened, lightened, croped, colours changed and fix red-eye. Don't be afraid to embrase the photoshop! Make sure you reduce your photos down small enough that you can save them at high resolution so they are still crisp looking when you post them.

10. Reward them for a job well done Praise and Treats are yummy!
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