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Seems I fell in love with a yes it was heartbreaking...well the search continues I guess.

My main concern is My 11 yr old female she is purebred shepard and a dominate one at that.

And also my 8 kitties our new friend must not look upon them as a tasty snack .

So with those two stipulations I have to find a dog small - medium in size that can cope in that environment.

I do walk my dog sometimes on a leash but not often as I live on a farm and am allways out side with our pups (even though they're old they are my puppys) so they are generally free to run and play on the property all day, lots of room for ball and frizbee when we are out doin stuff and weather permits,other than that they stay inside with us. If no one is home (Rarely) I like my dogs inside. In public they are allways on a leash. Oh and must like (joking) Ursa loves to go camping and swim all day long, as it is great excersise and easy on her hips

I'm finding that my stipulations tend to slim the choices a bit I thought a male dog would be best with Ursa being dominate female what do you think?

I'm afraid that pit bull mixxes might be a bad idea for this very reason, altho that Dotti is so sweet isn't she.
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