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Question *Need help w/transporting 2 dogs*

Can anyone help me fill this transport?? Since I'm helping this woman she's helping me by taking 3 dogs that need to be saved, so I like to help her get the transport filled.

Here's the route;

We are arranging transportaton for two dogs coming from Trenton NJ
and Jim Thorpe, PA. The owners will meet Hazleton, Pa with the
first leg of the transportation and that will be where the
transportation will start off. We are new at this transportion thing
so please be patient with us and if you have any suggestions on what
would work better please let us know.

The route will be:

1.Trenton, NJ to Hazleton, PA-filled by owner

1.Jim Thorpe, PA to Beaver Meadows, PA-filled by owner

2.Beaver Meadows PA & Hazleton PA to Bloomsburg, PA-filled by Ann Zubris

3.Bloomberg, PA to Bellefonte, PA

4.Bellefonte, PA to Clearfield, PA

5.Clearfield, PA to Du Bois, PA

6.Du Bois, PA to Grove City, PA

7.Grove City, PA to Meadville, PA

8.Meadville, PA to Jefferson, OH-filled

I have Beaver Meadows and Hazleton covered, please help me help these dogs and this woman to fill the rest of the legs!!

If you need more info let me know. They are 2 females that are Pit Bulls one is 1yr old and the second one is 2 yr.old.

Please let me know if you can help asap!!

Thanks guys!!!!
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