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Actually I talked to a woman named Justine, and she said if Casey was right for me then the woman that ran things would give me a call, so perhaps I am waiting for Grace to call. waiting and waiting and waiting till monday. This has been the longest weekend ever, figures ,I pick a dog on Friday just to torchure myself over the I am going to call first thing Monday morning, Oh I hope he is right for us!!!!! I have spent three days showing everyone his picture like he was already mine I realize I shouldn't get myself all excited for what might be a big let down .......but I just can't seem to help myself. It's sunday morning now and I find myself checking the petfinder board just to make sure he is still posted......oh this is hard isn't it? I guess I'm just waiting to hear if casey would be ok with a dominate female dog and 8 kitties.

Crossing my fingers and toes......

Luba........If I say Luba said hi.....would she know your user I type this I realize it is perhaps a dumb question.....just thought I would ask
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