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Cat mewing all night long and bitting

Hi there,
My Totolino cat started to mew all night long; and from time to time he starts biting me agresively; I believe that he thinks this is playing but after he had bitten my nose, and I was bleeding a lot, it's not fun anymore. Totolino used to sleep by my side in the same bed, like an angel. Now since the bitting started, he got outside of the bedroom, because I am afraid of his unpredictable bitting reactions, and all night long he is bouncing the bedroom door, and mewing non stop. Even if I open the door eventually he will get in the room and continue to meaw.
Don't know what should I do with him. I love him so much, he was behaving so nice, sleeping like an adult on by my side in the bed, and now he is mewing non stop.
Please advise me if you have any ideea what should I do. I do love my Totolino, and I want him to be happy.
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