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Camphor is now recognized as being BAD for the body. It stimulates the CNS (central nervous system) and can cause seizures and other body tremors. It's on the EPA hazardouse waste list as well.

Camphor is a colorless or a white crystal granule or cake product obtained from the wood of the camphor tree. It may also be synthetically derived. Some products such as lotions, astringents, and moth repellents still contain camphor as an active ingredient. In 1980, the Food and Drug Administration set a limit of 11% allowable camphor in consumer products and totally banned products labeled as camphorated oil, camphor oil, camphor liniment, and camphorated liniment.
Camphor, readily absorbed through the skin, produces the sensation of warmth and slight local anesthesia. Camphor poisoning produces seizures and may be preceded by mental confusion, irritability, neuromuscular hyperactivity, and jerky movements of the extremities. Camphor poisoning from household products may occur following oral ingestion. Symptoms occur five to ninety minutes following ingestion.
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