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Just my own experience for you..

JDG,when my two (altered) cats were young, one male and female.. I began them on an all dry premium food.
At age two, the male suddenly became deathly ill with a blockage - the vet said to introduce wet food. Male urinary tract problems can really be reduced this way, I didnt realize it at the time, but he was not getting enough water.
Three years later and no returns of this problem confirms the connnection for me.

However, this same male has recently had constipation (and liiterbox problems)
Lucky advised me to feed the males tinned "primarily" - not as just a supplement as I was doing.
Two months later.. this problem now seems also solved, I'm happy to say.

I now feed all of them wet food twice a day as their mainstay, and leave a little dry to nibble on only.
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