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Cat/Kitten food, help me choose the right food

Hello everyone. I am sure some of you saw my frantic posts over the last few days with my sick kitties. They are doing much better now. It seems the culprit may very weel have been their crazy diet. I have thrown out all the cheapie cat food... its not even fit to give away (thats how I got it) and I am sure some Racoon or Bear will find it in the trash. Right now I have a few serviing of IAM's kitten food left, I know IAM's isnt great, but its the best I have on hand till I can get out to the petstore this evening. I would have gone sooner but have a bad sprain/possible fracture in my ankle making driving a standard next to impossible. I am also feedinng the kitties the prescription canned food too.

My plan is to buy another small bag of the IAM's kitten to use while transitioning them to the new food, I will then mix the IAM's and new food, and the prescription food too till I run out.

So I need a quality kitten food to feed both kitties for now, in 3 months I guess I am supposed to move Hunter to adult food.

1. Can Hunter stay on kitten food longer so I only need to buy one type of food... especially since the kitten prefers whatever is on Hunter's dish.
2. How much canned and how much dry each day? Oreo is about 3.5 lbs and Hunter is about 7 lbs as he lost a little weight while sick.

Also, I am leaning towards uing either Nutro or Wellness. Which is superior? Which has a better value for the price? We are a budget... as usual. Which do cats accept better? I have heard a few people say their cats won't eat the Wellness brand which is what I tried feeding my dog and she would not eat it either.

Anything else I should know?
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