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Lisa is a PETA nazi board troll

Originally posted by veganlady
Your brother needs to take the kitten to the vet to have the kittens eye looked after otherwise...the kitten could have an infections or's not that expensive. I've never heard of the tea bag thing. This kitten would be needing her shots by now anyways. Hopefully your brother does the right thing and brings her to a vet. Good luck. The kitten could also have worms or ear mites, it's good to check all of that out just to be on the safe side.
Hi! I'm Lisa, aka Veganlady, aka BOARD TROLL. I am A peta Nazi. I know EVERYTHING about animals, more than God himself,even. I would LOVE to give you advice, but first i need a stool sample from you to make sure you are not an evil MEAT EATER. If you are, I'll make myself look like a retard by posting my Peta propaganda all over every board you visit.
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