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Amaruq,I hope your dad will not kill the skunk,right now I suppose it's breeding season and many more skunks will be on the way,so killing one is kind of senseless and cruel,if he has a den under your dads deck or something like that I suppose he could have it removed,hopefully there are no little "peppi le Pew's".
I usually have a couple of skunks in my backyard,but they come after dark chomping on birdsseds..under my birdfeder,my cats are inside,so maybe the skunks will scare away any neighbor-hood cats and that's ok with me.
Many mornings I wake up to the unmistakable odor and sometimes during the night,but they always leave,they are just part of the Canadian landscape and nature.
You just have to make sure there are no perfect places for them to make a den,if you have permanent smelly tenants it might be a problem

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