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yes, i am very aware of the atrocities that white man has in the past committed on many an indigenous population worldwide (this is just my opinion so im not directing it at anyone but i dont like to use the word native, here in oz it often implies the concept of the noble savage, i prefer indigenous or aboriginal- aboriginal meaning the original inhabitants or owners). but unfortunatly i can only help the people of my land and only understand the people of my land and their ways. anita, you should look into the people of your land, you may find it most interesting.
and yes i know that not all hunting and farming practices are kind but we have necessities in this life (i have a farming background). but australia is quite possibly a unique case, i totally support the control of feral animals as a necessary conservation tool. apparently an old tale tells(early 1900's) of 2 police finding a farmer dead. they could not find living relatives so let his entire heard of pigs out into the bush and it started there, this would only be applicable to that area but it is quite similar to how most of these animals got here, either stupidity, for food sources or for hunting purposes.
as far as Dr John Wamsley and his wife goes, well they are my heros. his conservation efforts are just amazing and the work they have performed just miraculous. his hats do get alot of attention, he always has someone harassing him, but good on them for believing in their causes and good on him for practicing his beliefs. but what is he to do, dump the dead bodies in the bush just to rot? for thousands of years we have used animal skin for clothing ect. why is this any different? if it were made of leather would he get the same reaction? i doubt it, just because an animal has been domesticated does not make it any more important than a cow or sheep, all animal are equal and should be treated as such. but i do understand your feelings, if it was my dog on his head i probably would be a little uncomfortable with it.
and if we didnt play predator to these feral animal species here in oz well, just imagine the devestation that would be caused, these animal have no predators except for us, so as an animal myself i feel that this is our right action before it gets out of hand. ps have you ever seen the amount of pigs in a litter, they breed like rabbits so it is important to keep on top of it. oh and relating to the dingo pop breeding prob, some states such as western australia have laws that forbid travelers taking an undesexed dog (not all breeds) into the state due to the problem of mixing breeds. and if dingo mixes with GSD or similar you are going to get a big nasty dog out of it. some of the wild dogs you see look just terrifying. remember- THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY
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