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Well to weigh in here!

First off I grew up with a "Hunter"/ farmer I seen enough death and pain to last me 100 life times. I hate it with a passion! If you think animals don't suffer from a hunters hands....I'm here to tell you they do. I have also seen hunting for the heck of hunting. Men going out and "bagging"the big deer only to take the antlers and leave the meat. There is also a problem with Lead shot. If the animal is wounded and gets away they die a slow and painful death from lead poisioning. There is the trade in wild animal parts IE: the bear liver ad paws. They are killed for that and left. Now times there are cubs to feed....they also die slowly.

I watched a show about Austrailia and its problem with feral animals. This again is the hand of man. Don't want kitty...well heck pitch him out the door...don't want puppy...pitch them out the door. The Dingo population is becoming muddied because of the feral dogs getting out of control. Then the mix then kills for the sake of killing giving all a bad name.

The guy that has the cat hat's is nuts. I can't imagine my cat's on some fools head trying to make a disgusting point.

The europeans have this philosophy that it's their way or the highway. They have proved that over and over..killing the original ideas that people had. ie: The native Indians were told they were savages because they lacked the faith in God. The white man used the Indians to gain control of the lands with Booze. Now the Natives are confused in where their place in society is. Manitoba has a large Native population....Our downtown is full is the "Drunk" natives. I have been to Pow Wow's and find them magical. I can truly say that for me...I don't have words to say how wonderful I think it is. By the way, I look native but am not.

The killing or culling of animals and man have to stop. Humans have to realize that they aren't God and shouldn't play the part.
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